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Here is a recording of our 2021 opening session,
featuring Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard

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Recommendations from
APA’s Introductory Psychology Initiative:

A Morning of Workshops on using Integrative Themes

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The steering committee for TIP Northwest 2021 has put together a program that continues in our longstanding tradition of offering practical pedagogy from expert guides. TIP Northwest will be the first conference to release and workshop the new Student Learning Outcomes from APA's IPI. 

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Bridgette Hard

Dr. Bridgette Hard is an Associate Professor of the Practice in Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University, where she also serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Psychology. She received her PhD in Psychology from Stanford University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Developmental Psychology at the University of Oregon. Her first professional passion is teaching. For 8 years, she led Stanford’s Psychology One Program, where she oversaw the curriculum for Stanford’s introductory psychology course and directed a year-long teacher training program for PhD students and advanced undergraduates to develop their teaching skills and discover creative ways to integrate research and teaching. She was awarded Stanford’s highest honor for contributions to undergraduate education: the Lloyd L. Dinkelspiel Award, and also  received the Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Teaching Award.

Bridgette’s second professional passion is exploring the intersection of psychology and pedagogy: As director of Duke’s BRITElab (Behavioral Research Informing Teaching Excellence) she uses data from the classroom to extend psychological theories and uses insights from psychology to inform new classroom practices. She enjoys mentoring undergraduates in research and helping them learn about the classroom through a psychological lens.

The Workshop:


TIP Northwest values professional development through collaboration and active learning,
always aiming to provide hands-on opportunities to develop course materials.

Coming soon in an APA-published book (August 2021), the APA Intro Psych Initiative's (IPI) 22 authors recommend 7 Integrative Themes as a part of the brand new Student Learning Outcomes for Introductory Psychology. Members of the IPI team will lead concurrent small-group workshops at TIP Northwest related to integrating the following themes across the curriculum:

1.  Psychological science relies on empirical evidence and adapts as new data develop. 

2.  Psychology explains general principles that govern behavior while recognizing individual differences.

3.  Psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors influence behavior and mental processes.

4.  Psychology values diversity, promotes equity, and fosters inclusion in pursuit of a more just society.

5.  Our perceptions and biases filter our experiences of the world through an imperfect personal lens.

6.  Applying psychological principles can change our lives, organizations, and communities in positive ways.

7. Ethical principles guide psychology research and practice.

TIP Northwest 2021 Workshop Facilitators
from APA's Intro Psych Initiative:

Regan Gurung - Co-Chair APA IPI, Oregon State University

Garth Neufeld - Co-Chair APA IPI, Cascadia College

Melissa Beers - Member APA IPI, The Ohio State University

Guy Boysen - Member APA IPI, McKendree University

Steven Chew - Member APA IPI, Samford University

Jane Halonen - Member APA IPI, University of West Florida

Elizabeth Yost Hammer - Member APA IPI, Xavier University of Louisiana 

Bridgette Martin Hard - Member APA IPI, Duke University

Erin Harden - Member APA IPI, The University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Danae Hudson - Member APA IPI, Missouri State University

Aaron Richmond - Member APA IPI, Metropolitan State University

Jerry Rudman - Member APA IPI, Irvine Valley College

Jennifer Thompson - Member APA IPI, University of Maryland Global Campus

Jordan Troisi - Member APA IPI, Colby College



9:00 am - Welcome

9:15 am - Invited Keynote - Bridgette Martin Hard, Duke University

10:00 am - Concurrent Session 1

10:50 am - Concurrent Session 2

11:40 am - Concurrent Session 3

12:30 pm - Closing Remarks and Next Steps




Psychology is popular. Around two million students take an Introductory Psychology course each year - often by choice. This gives teachers of General Psychology a unique opportunity to broadly share our discipline, with all of its benefits and applications to students’ lives. 

The Intro Psych course is challenging for all of us to teach, balancing its old theories with its new research, utilizing its relevance in student development, and managing its breadth with the classroom time we are allotted. So, once a year, we gather together in the Pacific Northwest to collaborate, learn, and support.


TIP Northwest presents the leading national and regional voices in the teaching of psychology, provides a format for attendees to collaborate and connect, and creates an environment where the voices of all psychology teachers are valued. We hope you’ll join us!


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TIP Northwest is a non-profit organization that exists to support teachers of Introductory Psychology. Through local collaboration and by hearing leading voices on the teaching of psychology, we aim to bring fresh perspectives, strategies, and inspiration to General Psychology teachers.

The TIP Northwest conference steering committee is:

Louise Chim, University of Victoria

Garth Neufeld, Cascadia College (Chair)

Janet Peters, Washington State University

Raechel Soicher, Oregon State University



​Garth Neufeld

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Organizer, TIP Northwest

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